POLIS - BUas Workshops - 28 May 2024

Sustainable Tourism Mobility Forum

In collaboration with POLIS and Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas), MONA is organising a specialised workshop in Breda on 28 May, following the Sustainable Tourism Mobility Forum. These sessions will focus on various aspects of tourism and transport and will coincide with workshops organised by POLIS, the BUas Cycling Lab and Greengage.

The Sustainable Tourism Mobility Forum, scheduled for 27-28 May, aims to address the urgent need to shift to more sustainable modes of transport in tourism, including rail, bus and cycling. It serves as a platform to bring together public authorities, industry stakeholders, start-ups and universities from the tourism and transport sectors at national, regional and European level.

The first day of the Forum will feature panel discussions with experts from across Europe, while the following day will offer the opportunity to participate in a workshop co-organised by POLIS and the MONA project, from 9am to 12pm.

This workshop will focus on planning for sustainable mobility in tourist destinations. Accessibility is becoming increasingly important for the development of tourism in natural areas. Growing visitor numbers, amplified by the effects of COVID-19, have increased pressure on natural resources, leading to negative environmental impacts and inconvenience for residents and visitors alike. Improving accessibility is a key factor in shaping visitor behaviour, and improvements need to be aligned with conservation and tourism development objectives. Promoting sustainable mobility options over car-centred accessibility is essential for effective nature tourism management.

Within the workshop, solutions will be explored to promote sustainable transport modes such as rail, shared mobility and electric cars in peri-urban and rural areas. It will look at integrated routing strategies to and within natural areas, as well as strategies to encourage visitors and stakeholders to adopt more sustainable practices.

Facilitating collaboration between public authorities, industry stakeholders, start-ups and universities working in the tourism and transport sectors is a key objective of the workshop.


·        Introduction and contextual presentation

·        Short presentations by MONA partners, industry experts, public authorities, ​trade unions and associations (confirmed speakers to be announced soon)

·        Networking coffee break

·        In-depth workshop session and discussion

·        Summary of results and next steps


The Forum and workshops are free to attend but registration is required. Secure your place by completing the registration form by 13 May 2024. Registration for the Forum is on the first page, while registration for the workshops is on the second page.

Introduction Pilot C: Nudging towards sustainable choices