Introduction Pilot C: Nudging towards sustainable choices

MONA is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism in natural landscapes. How? By advocating for a transition to more sustainable transport in nature areas, incorporating inclusive route planning and encouraging all park users to adopt sustainable practices.

Launched in 2023, MONA's mission is to promote sustainable tourism in and around nature areas in north-western Europe. This initiative benefits nature, the environment, visitors and local economies. The project achieves its goals by promoting modal shift, supporting sustainable transport, implementing inclusive route planning and encouraging both visitors and stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices.

Together, these approaches aim to effectively manage visitor flows, mitigate negative impacts on the local environment and improve inclusive access to nature reserves.

To achieve these ambitious goals MONA is implementing three pilots in eight nature areas. We would like to introduce Pilot C:

Pilot C: Implementing a comprehensive set of nudging measures to encourage sustainable visitor choices and disperse visitor flows. 

The pilot, led by Tourismus Zentrale Saarland, Montagne de Reims Regional Park, Regional Park Scarpe-Escaut, focuses on the application of nudging theory for sustainable behaviour in nature-based tourism. 

Development of a communication and marketing concept: This activity translates the nudging theory into a communication, storytelling and marketing concept. A shared vision, narrative and key messages are developed using previous findings and local strategies. These elements will be integrated into a storytelling concept that defines effective storytelling types and their alignment with the customer journey.

Design of a package of measures: Under the theme 'Nudging for sustainable tourism development', this activity involves the design of a package of measures to influence visitor choices. Local stakeholders will work together to select and develop measures suitable for their area, ranging from edutainment to active participation. An implementation guide will be developed.

Implement the nudging communication and marketing concept: The nature areas jointly disseminate the results. Messages and content will be disseminated through various marketing activities and channels, including websites, newsletters, social media, print products, and on-site guest approaches. One nature area per pilot will participate in measuring the impact on visitor behaviour.

Implementing the package of measures: Each pilot region will implement at least one nudging intervention. This could include the creation of a network of responsible and sustainable events or partners and the establishment of a sustainability fund. The results will contribute to the guidebook and form the basis for workshops demonstrating how to implement nudges in line with the measures.

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